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Chancellor’s Award – Emerging Leader

Andrea Carter, Office of Vice-Provost, Students & First Entry Divisions and Human Resources

Awards of Excellence

Andrea Carter has been a courageous, unfaltering leader and team player since she assumed the role of Director, High Risk & AODA at the University of Toronto.

As Director of High Risk, Ms. Carter provides direction on institutional crisis and critical incidents involving faculty, staff and students across three campuses (St. George, UTM, and UTSC). The University, with just over 80,000 students and approximately 20,000 employees is virtually a small municipality in and of itself. Issues may involve legal complexities, the mental health needs of individuals on our campus, or the safety of faculty, staff and students. Ms. Carter directly manages the Student Crisis Team in High Risk Matters, co-ordinates with the tri-campus Campus Police Offices and the Community Safety Office, as well as working with Director, Office of the Vice Provost Students on controversial student events and issues.

Professor Jill Matus, Vice-Provost, Students & First-Entry Divisions noted there are manifold examples of Andrea’s decisiveness and leadership under very trying and highly sensitive and consequential matters. Her professional training and good judgment equip her to reach out to the right people and ensure that necessary steps are taken in a wide variety of matters.

Ms. Carter holds a Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) from the University of Western Ontario and is a U of T alumnus. Her research interests are concentrated on institutional matters related to organizational policy, risk management and legislative compliance. Prof. Matus said Andreas “is efficient, thorough, personable, and when necessary, firm. Her advice and expertise are widely sought and her clinical psychology background, as well as subsequent training, is well utilized in her role.”

Professor Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost describes Andrea as a leader in assessing system-wide risks to the University and coordinating the University’s response to such threats.
Representatives of the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Life said “as Director of High Risk, Andrea has broken new ground in areas where there is no blueprint and has done so with great dedication and creativity.

Her involvement with ongoing institutional priorities, particularly the Mental Health Framework, is just one example of her devotion to the well-being of our students and the University.”

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